Parking Fees

Hourly, Daily or Long-term parking is available at the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport. Main Parking Lot Rates:

$2/hour; $7.50/day or $45.00/week (HST Included); $650.00/year (HST Included).

Parking Payments - 3 Options:1. Pay by credit card at the exit gate in the parking lot 2. Pay with cash or credit card at the pay station near the baggage carousel  3. Pay cash, Debit or Credit Card at the Commissionaire Desk

Storage Fees

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Length (Feet) Monthly Storage Rate + HST Cost Including HST
36-40 $ 140.00 $ 161.00
31-35 $ 120.00 $ 138.00
21-30 $ 90.00 $ 103.50
Up to 20 $ 60.00 $ 69.00
Bikes & ATVs $ 20.00 $ 23.00



Fuel Fees

AvGas 100LL is provided by the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport Authority and is available 24-hours a day - self serve pay-at-the pump with credit card currently being installed.
For the current rate contact the J.A.Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport at 902-564-7720 or 902-564-7723.



Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is provided by ASIG Aviation.

Aircraft Parking Fees

Aircraft Weight (kg) Daily Rate (HST included) Monthly Rate (HST included) Yearly Rate (HST included)
0 - 5,000 $6.98 $75.00 $678.00
5,001 - 10,000 $12.13 $248.92 n/a

Includes tie-downs depending on availability.

Landing & Terminal Fees

Landing and Terminal Fees as well as Parking Fees (applied to aircraft parked for more than 2 hours) are charged to all aircraft landing at the JA Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport. Please call the airport at 902-564-7720 for fee information.